Philosophy & Values

The Living Springs aims to provide solutions for public operators of water services in emerging countries but also small remote or not rural communities as hospitals, schools, cooperatives, dispensaries, etc. and promote the development of collective and public water management involving in that process all public, private, corporate or civil economic actors, i.e. North-South and South-South.

We defend the right to water for all, collective and public management of water services and good governance of natural resources.

The purpose of The Living Springs is to support sustainable development of projects in the fields of water purification and water treatment, to provide consulting services, training and assessment services in that framework of capacity building.

We support our counterparts in the selection of the appropriate solutions for their communities’ needs and their implementation.

We also aim at developing the installation numbers of purification and water treatment systems in local communities, NGOs, villages or communities, located in emerging countries.

We plan with our counterparts the maintenance and follow up guidelines in a long term basis.

That's why The Living Springs is structured as a non-profit organization under Swiss law and based in Geneva.

Our principles: 

  • Water is a universal and public good; this is not a mere commodity.  Access to water should not be exclusive.
  • Access to drinking water should be considered as a fundamental human right.
  • The Water is a renewable energy but not endless one.
  • We stand for common and responsible water management: from exploitation of water treatments to collective financing system meant for supplying an equitable and sustainable access to drinking water for all.

Our Approach
The Living Springs
works with international institutions, non-governemental organizations, local organisations, education centres and universities, as well as the private sector.

We ask for the direct involvement and implication of the local population in each of our projects by empowering social entrepreneurship and autonomy.