Vision, Mission, Objectives

Our aim:  providing safe Drinking Water for All

Our Vision: Turn Water into Peace.

We wish to bring:

  • Inner Peace by providing Drinking Water and Health for All
  • Peace education and Peace in the Outside World by providing awareness on values and knowledge about water management
  • Future by developping attitudes, skills and behaviors toward  renewable energies management through transfer of technologies.
Each of our actions will cultivate Peace worldwide in the fields of:
  • drinking water
  • health and sustainibility
  •  water scarcity 
  • gender
  • watercapacity building
  • financing and valuation

Our Mission is to provide safe Drinking Water for All.

Our Objectives are:

  • to provide safe drinking water in a sustainable and equitable way
  •  to improve health: "no more diseases related to the consumption of unsafe water"
  • to empower the involvment of women in the economic and social life: "no more chore of carrying water" and increase the number of children schooling
  • to ensure environmental sustainability for future generations
  • to participate in improving global governance of water ressources management and equitable distribution of water
  • to make aware the targeted public about the importance of improving the management of freshwater resources in a sustainable manner by specific acts and by establishing efficient water management based on a long-term performance.

We aim at:
Contributing to sustainable and equitable access to safe drinking water for all.

The Living Springs offers a range of "Turnkey" services to help beneficiaries of the developing countries and emerging economies in the world to improve treatment and management of their waters. It designs and implements water treatment and water purification systems and deliver specific operational training meant for the management of water resources.

Improve methods, methodologies and processes for water management of public, civil and private entities.

Encourage and stimulate research institutions academic partners by extending sources of information, diversity of responsible management practices and byproposing a formula of studies more practical and attractive for students.

Disseminate research results globally in the frame of actions done toward the Millennium Development goals N°7 (MDG 2015).