Applied Research Programs

Water Resources Management

The Living Springs Training Centre enables the dissemination of validated solutions on water resources management by our pool of international experts in water management. The orientation of these services are based on the technical, managerial, strategic or operational priorities and needs of the client / beneficiary.

The Living Springs Training Centre activities: 
. Applied research programs for clients (industry and business partners)
. Training sessions (70% distance, 30% in the field)
. Reflection workshops 
. Conferences 
. Consultancy services for the implementation of ad hoc solutions.

Those activities have several impacts: environmental, economic, social, health and investment. 



Our research programs are
focused on improving the
management water resources.
It aims at providing a set of
coherent measures allowing
the understanding of: 

. The importance of water
resources and the impact of
climate change on them,

. The changing needs of the
different stakeholders.

Covered topics:

Value chain of water

. Integrated and sustainable solutions
on drinking water supply

. Drinking water management and
adapted autonomous technical solutions