In the frame of The Living Springs water treatment programs, our training sessions cover:




Methodology of Work
  1. First installation: The Living Springs water purifying system serves as a pilot.
  2. Development of other local installations: mixed TLS and local made water purifying system or 100% local made system (reproduction), if possible, except the design which should be at least approved by our engineers.

The core of each project installation and maintenance is based on transfer of knowledge.

We aim at creating a bridge between science and environment, from theory to practices on Site by implementing Projects - using knowledge transfer as a concrete support.

The Living Springs is looking for the possibility to set up various technical alliances, partnerships or collaborations with  other actors, as for example, Ngos, continuing education centre, local universities, etc. with which we may find working synergies as they may help us to spread our drinking water treatment and purifying solutionsPrivate sector might be involved too. As a private company could be a sponsor by providing water to a school in the frame of its Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibilities.
We intend to set up with our local education partners a 
think tank for Research & Development based on exchanging ideas and “field” experiences so that the initial water system could be improved taking into account local technical specifications. It would enable the beneficiaries to reach to a true appropriation of that water purifying technology.


Local technicians (women and/or men) training is made every day during the water plant's asssembly and installation. We provide also some repetition sessions of practical instructions.
The maintenance operator will have to monitor water quality and control the right running of water purifying device. This is for a double purposes: the local beneficiaries should to take over the ownership of the drinking water purifying system and also to get autonomy. 

The selection of the local maintenance operator would be made upon the recommendations of local partners on the identified site.