Inauguration of Paderu School Campus Project , AP, India

Inauguration of Paderu School Campus Project , AP, India

"Dear The Living Springs Members, Dear Nicolas, Dear Catherine,

This letter is to acknowledge the kind service you have accomplished
in the tribal belt area Paderu, Visakhapatnam Dt, A.P. The inmates of St.Ann's school Paderu-10 sisters, 41teaching staff, 196 boarding
students, 20supporting staff and 1556 students, struggled for so
many years for drinking water.

This set up didn't have a well inside the campus. The only source of
water was an open well, which was far away from the campus, and
the water in it was contaminated highly by various ways. As a result
very often the inmates suffered from typhoid. Sought various ways
to make the water safe but everything was in vain. Then we heard
about the water purifying plant in Madugula village and approached
Mr. Nicolas, from The Living Springs Association, for help.

The response was very prompt! He was kind enough to visit the
area and studied the nature of existing well water. It was found
not so safe for drinking. Hence we suggested for a new bore well.
But this campus condemned by many for not having good spring.

Somehow God was so gracious that we could find a source of
water close to our residence.Thus a new bore well was dug and
has enough output of water. Soon after digging the well, the water
plant was installed. Finally the water plant is now ready and the
inmates of St.Ann's school enjoy good and safe drinking water.

Therefore we whole heartedly thank the directors of THE LIVING
SPRINGS Association for their great generosity in availing potable
water for nearly 2000 people of this campus.This was a distant dream
but you have made it a reality indeed. We are eternally grateful
to you and do not have sufficient words to THANK YOU...
Once again expressing our gratitude.

Yours faithfully Sisters , St. Ann’s School, Paderu".
April 2017.