2013 Activities Results

2013 Activities Results

                        The Living Springs in Actions

It has been a great year for The Living Springs Association and our board members
 and volunteers thank you for your support throughout the year.

Looking very much forward to seeing you in 2014.

Be part of our actions in a way or another and help us to double our 2013 results:

Mostly 18050 people in India have got access to drinking water
a sustainable way in 2013!

- 2000 families of 6 persons in Madugula village
with a first water kiosk
   implementation(jobs creation, savings, reinvestments)

- 3000 pupils in St Anthony primary school in Visakhapatnam

- 500 pupils and students in Madugula village
- 50 patients in a dispensary in Madugula village and,
- 1500 villagers have got access to water at Fathima colony in Madugula village
  (construction of a bore well)

Yours sincerely,

The Living Springs Team